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So far, Cody Walker is best known for stepping in as a stand-in for his brother Paul Walker after Paul died during the filming of Furious 7. That’s all primed to change though, with the news the newly signed Cody has landed a major supporting role in the Nicolas Cage-starring USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage. If the 27-year-old’s plan is to take Hollywood by storm with a talent for acting in Nicolas Cage movies, he couldn’t have picked a better place to start. Cage himself happens to be a master in the art of Nicolas Cage movies, a.k.a. all movies, and inevitably he’ll have to pass the torch to someone as dedicated to the craft as he is one day.

In the film—not to be confused with Tate Taylor’s project centering on the same ill-fated warship—Cage stars as Captain Charles Butler McVay, the commander who struggled to keep his men alive after their ship was hit by a torpedo and sank almost immediately. Many of the men, on a secret mission to deliver parts of the atom bomb Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima, were eaten by sharks in the four-day wait for rescue, a story famously recounted by Robert Shaw’s character in Jaws. (As fate would have it, Mario Van Peebles, the director of USS Indianapolis, also acted in Jaws: The Revenge.) Walker plays one of the Navy soldiers who battles for his life in the aftermath of the torpedo attack, but little else is known about his role.