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Paul Thomas Anderson shot part of Adam Sandler's new Netflix special

Sandler and Anderson in 2002
Photo: Lawrence Lucier (Getty Images)

Daniel Day-Lewis may have retired after Phantom Thread, but director Paul Thomas Anderson is already back—sort of. According to Splitsider, Netflix has confirmed that Anderson was behind the camera for at least some of an upcoming special from Adam Sandler, who worked with Anderson on 2002's Punch-Drunk Love. Steven Brill is named as the director of the untitled special, so whatever Anderson did can’t have been too substantial, but this should at least make Sandler’s stand-up slightly more appealing to anyone who prefers There Will Be Blood to The Ridiculous 6.

The special doesn’t have a premiere date, but it was filmed this week in Los Angeles, so anyone who happened to be there will have a good idea of what musical gags or goofy voices Sandler pulled out. Also, if they happened to see a famous filmmaker holding a camera at some point, they may even have a better idea of what Anderson worked on here.


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