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Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie will arrive on Christmas

(Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

It’s going to be a very good Christmas for Paul Thomas Anderson devotees, Daniel Day-Lewis fans, and fashionistas. The director’s upcoming still semi-mysterious, untitled movie will be released on December 25, Focus Features confirmed to The A.V. Club. While we know that the film will star Daniel Day-Lewis and character actor Brits like Lesley Manville and Richard Graham, details of the plot are still sparse. It’s about an “uncompromising dressmaker!” In the 1950s! In London! And that’s about it. It may be called Phantom Thread, though that is unconfirmed. Still, is there any reason not to be excited given the pairing of director and lead actor? (Plus, Jonny Greenwood is writing the score, naturally.) As we patiently wait for more information, at least we can be comfortable in the knowledge that come winter we can look for refuge from holiday festivities with whatever PTA has come up with this time.


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