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Paul Thomas Anderson movie begins filming, might have a name

Production has begun on Paul Thomas Anderson’s eighth film, and it might even have a title now: Phantom Thread. A local website in the small coastal Yorkshire town of Whitby has posted some photos from the set of the film, including at least one that includes that title. (Internet detectives also found an LLC matching the name, though of course it could always change.) The facts as we know them: The film is about the fashion industry in London, is set in the 1950s, and stars Daniel Day-Lewis. The last time Daniel Day-Lewis starred in a film, he won the Best Actor Oscar. (That’d be for Lincoln.) The last time Anderson and Day-Lewis worked together, they made one of the greatest films of all time. (That’d be There WIll Be Blood.) Phantom Menace Thread also features Lesley Manville (who’s been in a bunch of Mike Leigh movies) and Richard Graham, who was in Titanic and Gangs Of New York, among many other films. Check out the photos: Everything looks very grey and British. And here’s an interview I did with Anderson way back in 2008. [h/t to Cigarettes And Red Vines]


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