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Director Paul Schrader and author Bret Easton Ellis, two of America’s foremost chroniclers of horrible things happening to and because of horrible people, are teaming up on the psychological thriller Bait, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ellis’ original screenplay first surfaced late last year, when it concerned a lunatic holding hostage a group of students out in shark-infested waters. Since then, Schrader has taken a pass at helping Ellis with a second draft, presumably after loudly clearing his throat, then stretching ostentatiously to point at the giant posters for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull behind his desk. Bait now concerns a man who works for a “posh beach club,” who stows away on a yacht filled with detestable rich people and steers them out to their certain shark-y doom—which sounds even more like a Bret Easton Ellis story. The film begins shooting in November, and should appeal to audiences who wish Shark Night 3-D had less boobs and more commentary on classism.


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