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Paul Scheer dons the Arsenio flattop again, reenacts the super awkward Tupac interview with Jordan Peele

Star of The ArScheerio Paul Show Paul Scheer has joined forces with MadTV and Key & Peele star Jordan Peele to remake one of Arsenio Hall's most awkward interviews for YouTube's Comedy Week. This time around, Scheer trotted out the transcript for Arsenio's weird sit-down with rapper Tupac Shakur, who, during the original interview,was making the promotional rounds for his film Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson and spent an inordinate amount of time relishing the fact that he got to make out with her on set. Scheer has been doing word-for-word reenactments of Arsenio's more memorable celebrity interviews like Bill Clinton's legendary appearance on the show with Will Arnett that included a saxophone performance with the show's house band. [via Splitsider]

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