(Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images)

Amazon has been working on a Galaxy Quest TV show for a few years now, a process that was interrupted in early 2016, when Alan Rickman, one of the movie’s original stars, died of cancer. Now the wheels have started turning again for the TV adaptation of the beloved sci-fi comedy, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that Paul Scheer has been tapped to write the show, taking over for original film writer Robert Gordon.

Scheer is best known for The League, as well as his beloved bad movies podcast How Did This Get Made? He’s also a long-time Funny Or Die writer, contributing scripts to the franchise’s TV show and his own NTSF:SD:SUV.


It’s still not clear what format the Galaxy Quest show will feature; comments made by Sam Rockwell last year implied that producers were talking to the original cast about reprising their roles as a crew of actors mistaken for actual space heroes. (And hey, Tim Allen’s not doing much right now, besides being wrong about stuff on Twitter.) It remains to be seen what form the crew of the good ship Protector will take, though, when the series finally makes it to air.