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Paul Ryan tries PowerPoint to explain Trumpcare, gets roasted online

In a continued yet likely ultimately futile attempt to convince the public that depriving the vast majority of them of healthcare while offering huge tax breaks to the rich is no big deal, Paul Ryan pulled out the big guns. No, not his iron-pumping biceps: PowerPoint slides. The House Speaker even rolled up his sleeves to really get into it with the people, outlining the plan’s “three-pronged approach” that surely won’t be at all terrible even though it has been cursed by some of his fellow Republicans, as well as the entire American Medical Association.

Luckily, the internet is always available whenever Ryan opens himself up yet again for vast amounts of ridicule. The Washington Post and others have pointed out that talented Photoshop users wasted no time in replacing his slides with some hilarious yet poignant choices:


In conclusion, this new healthcare plan sucks. Thank you.


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