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Technically, this photo was taken when Rudd was only 49 years and 10 months old. So hey, maybe he looks like shit today. (We doubt it.)
Photo: Jeff Kravitz (Getty Images)

In what must be absolutely terrible news for the portrait of Paul Rudd locked away in a disused attic somewhere, actor Paul Rudd turned 50 today—or, as the phrase is known when applied to seemingly ageless actor Paul Rudd, “35, but with nicer suits.” Rudd has, of course, been the subject of jokes about his largely static appearance for literally the last 25 years, as the comments have morphed from critiques of his efforts to play a teenager in Clueless, to appreciation for his boyish energy in projects like the Anchorman movies, to increasingly serious worries that we might be working with a Highlander in our midst. (And yes, we know, technically only Connor and Duncan MacLeod are Highlanders, and the rest of their unaging ilk are just Immortals. It was a joke, people. Do we really have to do this in front of Paul Rudd’s birthday post?!)

And while the reality is that Rudd is probably just a handsome guy with a fun life who’s aging relatively well, that doesn’t mean the internet isn’t going to have its fun today, the alleged anniversary of his supposed birth:


Still, while that reference to Rudd’s favorite Mac & Me clip is, of course, extremely choice, we’re pretty sure there’s only one bit of video content that truly shows off the versatility of Rudd’s form:

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