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Paul Rudd is returning for the final season of Parks And Recreation

According to Entertainment Weekly, Paul Rudd is joining the parade of Parks And Recreation characters that will be returning for its final season. Rudd will be reprising his role as Scott Lang, better known as the superhero Ant-Man. As Parks And Rec fans will recall, Rudd’s character is a former thief who stole the old Ant-Man’s shrinking technology, but now he fights crime as the new Ant-Man. NBC sitcom storylines can be pretty confusing. Wait, this doesn’t sound right. We might be thinking of something else here.

Actually, Rudd will be reprising his role as hapless candy heir Bobby Newport. When he last graced the city of Pawnee with his goofball charm and technology-based shrinking powers (no, that’s the other thing again), Rudd was campaigning for a seat on the City Council—a seat that he eventually lost to Leslie Knope. The extremely vague justification that executive producer Michael Schur gives for his reappearance is that Adam Scott’s character will select him “to fill a certain position.” Given the crazy time-jump at the end of Parks And Rec’s previous season, everyone involved is apparently being pretty careful about not divulging too much information and spoiling whatever surprises are in store. NBC will start burning off the final episodes of Parks And Rec on January 13.


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