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Paul Rudd is almost definitely, probably Ant-Man

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Both Variety and The Wrap are saying that Paul Rudd is in negotiations to take the lead in Marvel’s Ant-Man, ending months of speculation that, really, should have ended the second Joseph Gordon-Levitt was named as the other frontrunner, seeing as comic-book movies use Gordon-Levitt in their casting rumors the way detectives plant fellow cops in police line-ups. And with Gordon-Levitt now attached to the far more serious Sandman, that’s officially cleared the way for Rudd to take on the role of the guy who can get real small and chat with insects—because if there’s one thing supervillains are powerless against, it’s being shit-talked about by a bunch of bugs.


Anyway, Rudd’s easygoing comic sensibility makes him a natural fit for a character who needs to be able to laugh off just those kinds of barbs from his fellow superheroes—like, that’s cool; can you talk to ants? Though, it’s unclear as yet exactly who that character will be: The Wrap believes it’s definitely original Ant-Man Hank Pym, who also has the power to transform into a giant dick, man. But Variety hints that it’s still possible, if not probable, that he could play Scott Lang, as Edgar Wright (who co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Cornish) has hinted that the story also includes the burglar who swipes Pym’s technology and becomes the latter-day Ant-Man, one with the new, improved superpower of not beating up wives.

No one involved with the production has yet offered comment on that—or even an official confirmation of Rudd’s casting. However, The Wrap tellingly notes that “Rudd has appeared noticeably slimmer” of late, so clearly he must be preparing for the role by slowly shrinking himself down.