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Paul Rudd has spawned a new meme celebrating friendly bonding and...Paul Rudd

Screenshot: First We Feast (YouTube)

Paul Rudd could do nothing more remarkable than walk down the street looking at his phone and the internet would lose its mind. This is because Rudd, the bastard, is one of the most effortlessly charming and funny actors working today—the kind of guy who enlivens every one of his late night appearances with excellent jokes and manages to become the highlight of another comedian’s movie with only a few minutes’ guest appearance.

It’s not surprising, then, that his recent spot on First We Feast’s interview/spice-based torture chamber Hot Ones, which provided an entire half hour of prime Ruddiness, has resulted in Twitter’s current favorite meme format.


The whole thing stems from a few short seconds in the video when Rudd says, simply, “Look at us” to host Sean Evans. “Hey! Look at us,” he repeats, beaming a big Paul Rudd smile. “Look at us,” Evans replies. “Who would’ve thought?” Rudd says, “Not me!”

From these humble beginnings, a fresh wave of memes. There are people using the format to encapsulate the monumental sense of accomplishment of actually following through on next-morning plans made when super drunk as well as others who see it as a summary of growing up to actually enjoying spending time with your siblings.


It’s versatile enough to stand in for lots of other topics, too, from the after-effects of a naive childhood influenced by D.A.R.E. and the satisfaction of not going completely broke to Pride And Prejudice jokes about previously unlikely happy endings.


Partially, the clip works because the moment of bonding is vague enough to apply to just about anything someone wants, but, more importantly, it’s popular because it shows Paul Rudd just being his charismatic self for a handful of seconds. With that in mind, we can’t wait to see what Rudd moment will inspire the next big craze: Maybe he’ll wink at someone after saying “hello” or, like, cross his legs funny during an interview.


[via Mashable]

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