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The release of a major blockbuster brings with it an endless glut of promotional material featuring the film’s stars. Thankfully, when those stars are as charming as Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd, they can make even the silliest promo bits work. Case in point: Rudd stopped by the YouTube channel Vsauce3 to explore the reality of what would happen to someone who was actually reduced to the size of an ant.


As Rudd does some riffing, host Jake Roper examines the science of shrinking down while maintaining the same mass—as Ant Man’s suit allows him to do. It turns out insane densities and inaudible speaking frequencies are just a few of the problems inherent in that situation (also: death). Meanwhile anyone whose mass shrunk proportionally to their size would be at risk of being blown away by even the slightest gust of wind, although they would be able to run a whole lot faster and walk on water.

Thankfully those real-life concerns aren’t a problem in Ant-Man because of the fictional “Pym Particle” and a special suit. Plus Rudd’s on-screen charms are clearly powerful enough to overcome things like scientific accuracy.

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