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Paul Rudd: Celebrity Styx impersonator

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Paul Rudd seems like he’s got a pretty sweet life. He stars in Marvel movies, takes interesting roles, chooses new looks, and devotes small parts of his life to transforming the rote world of the talk show appearance into a series of surreal little pranks. And while the weirdness of the video Rudd showed off last night on The Tonight Show can’t match the monomaniacal brilliance of the Mac & Me-based long con he’s been running on Conan O’Brien for more than a decade, it does show a very Rudd-ian level of comedic precision in late night talk show goofs.

The subject of Rudd’s obsessive attention to idiotic details? The video for Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands,” which Rudd and Fallon recreated on last night’s show. With Rudd in the bewigged role of Tommy Shaw, and Fallon donning the rugged mustache of a young Dennis DeYoung, the pair put together a shot-for-shot recreation of 1981’s hottest track. Watching the video—which is filled with pratfalls, lame comedy bits, and more mugging than the back alley of the International Convention Of People With Too Much Cash In Their Wallets—you’d be forgiven for thinking the professional comic actors might have punched up the goofiness of Styx’s performances. But you would be wrong, as a comparison with the original video will attest:

[via Uproxx]


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