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Paul Rudd and Emma Stone will be on Parks And Recreation and 30 Rock, respectively

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Further collapsing the Venn diagram in which most of today’s comedic actors already intersect, Vulture reports (and Entertainment Weekly confirms) that Paul Rudd will guest star in an upcoming, multi-episode Parks And Recreation arc beginning January 19. Rudd will employ his natural affability to no doubt frustrating effect as a political opponent to Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope—a Wet Hot American Summer reunion that, when combined with the reunion of Rudd with his I Love You Man and Our Idiot Brother co-star Rashida Jones plus Brother co-star Adam Scott, will create some sort of understated comedy nexus that will consume the entire world. Or something.


And in other news of likeable people being hired to appear on likeable shows, Emma Stone will near-singlehandedly redeem the already-exhausted gag of making fake Garry Marshall-style ensemble comedies based on holidays when she turns up as herself on the Jan. 26 episode of 30 Rock, playing one of Jenna’s co-stars (along with Nick Cannon and Andy Samberg, who’s already been to this well) in the upcoming Martin Luther King Day. This strategy of hiring popular movie actors to draw attention to their shows should certainly pay off with handsome ratings, were we talking about anything but NBC Thursday night. A harsh truth, we know. Perhaps it would sound better if Paul Rudd or Emma Stone said it.

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