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Paul Revere may finally get what's coming to him with new AMC comedy

While thus far AMC's forays into scripted comedy have mostly been limited to The Wacky Adventures Of Peggy Olson on Mad Men and that time it un-canceled The Killing, the network that bleakness built is looking to pick up a new original comedy—one that is, fittingly, another old-timey tale, finally skewering that loudmouth jerk Paul Revere. Titled We Hate Paul Revere in an effort to make it easy on critics, the show "centers on two brothers living in Colonial Boston who are not fans of local industrialist and activist Paul Revere," what with all his incendiary etchings and show-offy spoons. "Here comes old Paul Revere with his damnable opinions on the Stamp Act. Oh look, he has another engraved spoon—something in which I may appear to express interest, but do not mistake that interest for genuine," people would say, sarcasm being needlessly elaborate in those times. Anyway, the project is written by Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner—two acclaimed comedy playwrights whose accomplishments will always be overshadowed by the fact that they sling vagina joke hash on Whitney—and is quite possibly predicated on Paul Revere's slight resemblance to Jack Black.

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