Batman Returns

Gotham has been known to play a bit loose with some traditional aspects of Batman continuity. Like, for example, Little Bruce Wayne hanging out with Little Catwoman, or Jim Gordon not having a mustache. Apparently, though, the show actually has a deep respect for very minor aspects of old Batman movies. Case in point, The Hollywood Reporter says that Gotham has cast Paul Reubens to play the father of Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, meaning he’ll be reprising the role he played in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Named Tucker Cobblepot, that version of the character isn’t exactly as iconic as Gordon’s mustache, but it’s slightly better than nothing. In fact, knowing what we do about the way the internet works, we’d wager that there’s someone out there who is ecstatic that Gotham decided to maintain this bit of casting continuity.

THR says Reubens’ Papa Penguin will be a “recurring guest star” during the show’s second season, but considering that Taylor’s character is still on a dramatic descent into super-villainy (and his father isn’t a well-known character in Batman stories), it seems safe to assume that he won’t be a recurring guest star for very long.