While the folks at ABC are pretty late! (late!) in finally creating an Alice-centric Once Upon A Time spinoff, the announcement that Paul Reubens will voice the White Rabbit in the pilot presentation of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland is ironically punctual, seeing as production is set to start in two days. The Rabbit himself will be a CGI creation, as opposed to a “Pee-Wee as the White Rabbit” kind of deal, which is unfortunate, because some novelty casting would probably enliven what otherwise sounds like yet another dark, “edgy” retelling of Alice In Wonderland. This new version takes place in pre-curse Wonderland, with an Alice who “has a generous heart but carries the scars of a long hard life”—a description that sounds both pleasantly vague and only vaguely pleasant. Here’s to hoping Cheech Marin comes aboard as the Caterpillar to spice things up a little more.