Part of the album art from Venus And Mars

Paul McCartney has announced plans to release some previously unheard Wings material this September. The various tracks will be included with reissues of Wings records Venus And Mars and At The Speed Of Sound, and will include demos, unreleased tracks, and a version of “Beware My Love” described as the “[John Bonham Version],” which is hopefully exactly what it sounds like.

Both records will come in standard two-disc editions, as well as three-disc deluxe editions that include previously unpublished photographs, new interview material from McCartney, expanded track-by-track details, and a bonus DVD featuring filmed material from around the time of each record’s release. The albums will also be available as both digital and gatefold LP versions, not that LP versions of Venus And Mars and At The Speed Of Sound have ever been hard to come by.


Tracklists for both LPs are below, as are some promotional unboxing videos, should you be into that sort of thing.

Venus And Mars
CD 1 – Remastered Album
1. Venus and Mars
2. Rock Show
3 Love In Song
4. You Gave Me The Answer
5. Magneto and Titanium Man
6. Letting Go
7. Venus and Mars – Reprise
8. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
9. Medicine Jar
10. Call Me Back Again
11. Listen To What The Man Said
12. Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People
13. Crossroads


CD 2 – Bonus Audio
1. Junior’s Farm
2. Sally G
3. Walking In The Park With Eloise
4. Bridge On The River Suite
5. My Carnival
6. Going To New Orleans (My Carnival)
7. Hey Diddle [Ernie Winfrey Mix]
8. Let’s Love
9. Soily [from One Hand Clapping]
10. Baby Face [from One Hand Clapping]
11. Lunch Box/Odd Sox
12. 4th Of July
13. Rock Show [Old Version]
14. Letting Go [Single Edit]

DVD – Bonus Film
1. Recording My Carnival
2. Bon Voyageur
3. Wings At Elstree
4. Venus and Mars TV Ad

At The Speed of Sound
CD 1 – Remastered Album
1. Let ‘Em In
2. The Note You Never Wrote
3. She’s My Baby
4. Beware My Love
5. Wino Junko
6. Silly Love Songs
7 Cook Of The House
8. Time To Hide
9. Must Do Something About It
10. San Ferry Anne
11. Warm And Beautiful


CD 2 – Bonus Audio
1. Silly Love Songs [Demo]
2. She’s My Baby [Demo]
3. Message To Joe
4. Beware My Love [John Bonham Version]
5. Must Do Something About It [Paul’s Version]
6. Let ‘Em In [Demo]
7. Warm And Beautiful [Instrumental Demo]

DVD – Bonus Film
1. Silly Love Songs Music Video
2. Wings Over Wembley
3. Wings In Venice