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Paul McCartney to induct some guy named Ringo Starr into the Rock Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony got a little more exciting with the recent announcement that Paul McCartney would be attending, and possibly performing. The man beloved the world over for creating legendary rock group Wings will not just be there for himself, however. The New York Times reports that McCartney will apparently be presenting the award for musical excellence to a little-known musician named Ringo Starr.

The mysterious drummer, who has toiled in relative obscurity for decades, seems to be receiving the award for the only musical act of which he’s ever been a part, the pompously titled All-Starr Band. The group is clearly an “industry insider” act, though, as Starr has managed to wrangle some pretty famous names into his group for brief periods of time. These artists with name recognition far above Starr include people like Joe Walsh, Sheila E., Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter, and Men At Work’s Colin Hay. And while most Americans won’t understand why he’s receiving an award for musical excellence, it makes more sense when it’s revealed the award used to be named “the sideman” award.


Other artists scheduled to perform at the ceremony include Dave Grohl, John Legend, Beck, Joe Walsh, and Stevie Wonder. And while there’s no confirmation yet that a planned performance involving Mr. Starr is actually happening, rock fans can take comfort in knowing that they’ll see the most well-known rock drummer of all time, Green Day’s Tré Cool, is scheduled to appear.

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