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Paul McCartney’s going full Hollywood with new VR docuseries

(Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney’s certainly never shied away from the big or small screens, but lately he seems poised to establish a second career in the movies. This year alone has seen the legendary bassist and singer creating music for an emoji movie, as well as shivering his timbers as part of the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean film. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, McCartney has just announced that he’ll appear in a six-part docuseries inspired by his compilation album, Pure McCartney.

McCartney’s teaming up with Tony Kaye, who will direct the docuseries with the help of Jaunt, a virtual-reality app that helped shoot McCartney’s 2014 concert in Candlestick Park. The VR experiences will follow the erstwhile Beatle as he “recounts memories and anecdotes related to various tracks, while sharing archived and never-before-seen footage.” Jaunt will then release the Pure McCartney songs that appear on the show, to round out the experience. The Pure McCartney album will be released on June 10, but the first episode of the docuseries will be available via the Jaunt app on Tuesday.


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