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Paul Giamatti may play The Rhino in the next Spider-Man movie

Adopting the Spider-Man 3 philosophy that a Spider-Man movie can never have too many villains, as well as its “let’s get one of the guys from Sideways” philosophy, director Marc Webb is reportedly in talks with Paul Giamatti to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the role of The Rhino. The Russian thug who becomes outfitted with a super-strong armored hide is apparently a lifelong “dream role” for Giamatti, who’s been biding his time in critically acclaimed comedies and dramas, just waiting for someone to ask him to play a big, stupid rhinoceros guy. He may get his wish, with Variety reporting he could join a cast that already includes Jamie Foxx’s Electro—a villain who does have some history of combining forces with The Rhino in the comics, such as when they formed the shitty psych band Electric Rhino. [Note: I haven’t read a lot of Spider-Man.]

Also in talks to appear: Like Crazy and Breathe In star Felicity Jones, who may take a break from playing adorable British foreign exchange students in winsome indies to play some as-yet-unspecified role, such as the adorable British foreign exchange student who distracts Peter Parker from Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane. After all, a Spider-Man movie can never have too many love interests either.


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