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After telling the story of a team of women who overcome a supernatural threat in Ghostbusters, Paul Feig is now set to produce a film about a team of women overcoming a significantly more traditional threat in Supermodel Snowpocalypse. It may sound like a great Syfy original movie, but the project is actually based on an Elle Magazine story about a real thing that happened back in the ‘70s. As Variety tells it, a group of models, a photographer, and some advertising executives were doing a fur-based photoshoot in the mountains of Chile, but they had to retreat into a cabin when a snowstorm hit. They then made the lodge “into their own Studio 54” and proceeded to do a bunch of drugs for a few days. Eventually, some of them realized that they were all going to die in a frozen, hedonistic nightmare, so they “hatched a plan to escape back to civilization.”

No other cast or crew details have been announced, but Variety notes that its sources say Feig won’t direct the movie.


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