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Paul Feig might direct Ghostbusters 3, which might focus on an all-female team

Illustration for article titled Paul Feig might direct iGhostbusters 3/i, which might focus on an all-female team

Just yesterday, we reported that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was aware of the lack of female leads in his films. Feige appears to have no intention of changing that situation any time soon, but it looks like Sony might be paying attention to people’s cries for more female-led genre movies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, multiple sources have confirmed that Sony is currently sweet-talking Bridesmaids’ Paul Feig in hopes that he’ll direct the long-delayed Ghostbusters 3, and also that the film will apparently focus on a new team of female Ghostbusters.

Earlier this year, The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller were reportedly the studio’s frontrunners for the Ghostbusters 3 job, but those talks fell though, supposedly making Feig the new frontrunner. “We wanted you the whole time, though,” Sony will say, as it nods reassuringly in Feig’s direction. “Those Lego guys? What do they know about rebooting a franchise that nobody wants to see rebooted and then turning it into a huge hit? They’re hacks. You’re great though.”

Also, as with any Ghostbusters 3 article, we feel the need to point out that only Dan Akroyd seems willing to be a part of it at all. Bill Murray thinks it’s a bad idea, Harold Ramis is…you know, and Ernie Hudson—wait, has anyone asked Ernie Hudson what he thinks about Ghostbusters 3?

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