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Paul Feig is just going to make his own Dark Universe

Photo: Jeff Spicer (Getty Images)

The Dark Universe is dead, but the thing about monsters is that they always find a way to come back. A Depp-less version of The Invisible Man is already in the works, and now Paul Feig is digging into Universal’s monster toybox for his own monument to the failed potential of the Dark Universe. According to Deadline, Feig is going to write and direct a movie called Dark Army that is somehow connected to Universal’s classic monsters—like Frankenstein, Bride Of Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Bride Of Wolf Man, etc.—along with some new monsters created by Feig. That’s what Deadline’s sources say, at least, so we don’t really know what that means or what this movie will actually be about. If we’re lucky, this will be some kind of stealth launch for an interconnected universe of some sort that ties all of these monsters together. That would be a great idea, and we’re not sure why nobody has tried it yet.

This will continue a supernatural streak for Feig, whose next movie is the George Michael-inspired Last Christmas (which is definitely going to have some kind of ghost/angel twist), and he’s coming off of A Simple Favor (which featured Anna Kendrick magically tapping into some kind of Veronica Mars-esque level of mystery-solving power).


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