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Paul Feig humbly requests that you stream the shit out of Other Space

Other Space

The sci-fi comedy Other Space could be the rare show that outlives its platform—that is, if creator Paul Feig has anything to say about it. The Ghostbusters director is mustering up support for his one-season wonder, a delightful comedy that wasn’t so much canceled as jettisoned into the programming ether when Yahoo Screen folded (possibly thanks to Community).

In a Splitsider interview, Feig and Other Space showrunner Owen Ellickson say they bear no ill will to the defunct platform, though the marketing (or lack thereof) was questionable. The series wasn’t able to draw viewers abroad because it was geolocked when it premiered, but now it’s available online for any and all to see. And Feig does want everyone to watch it, in order to boost the metrics enough to warrant venturing into the cold vacuum of pitching the second season to a broadcast or cable outlet. “The show just needs to grow a base,” Feig said. “Fans that express their desire to see more of it. Just getting it into the public consciousness is really the main thing.” The 8-episode series is available in its entirety on Tumblr.


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