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Illustration for article titled Paul Feig and Veena Sud added to Quibis growing star-studded roster of creators

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman’s short-form digital service Quibi is shaping up to be a hub for some of the industry’s biggest filmmakers. (Well, let’s be real: the billion-dollar content budget probably helps.) On Sunday Katzenberg announced a forthcoming nighttime-only horror series from Steven Spielberg at the Banff World Media Festival. Steven Soderbergh has also signed on to produce something for the service, though there are no available details regarding that project. Today, Deadline reported that both Veena Sud and Paul Feig have also confirmed that they would be developing projects for the platform at separate Banff panels. No further details regarding the nature of the projects have been revealed as of yet.


Quibi will lend its platform to creators to showcase short films without imposing a stringent format, which is something that appeals to Sud: “What I’m interesting now, creatively, is playing with form. Instead of doing 13 or 26, I loved what Jeffrey Katzenberg talked about and I’m actually doing a Quibi project for him. I’m curious about trying something that’s basically a haiku.”

Quibi is currently slated to premiere April 2020.

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