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Paul F. Tompkins’ No, You Shut Up! has been canceled

No, You Shut Up!

A few episodes into its fourth season, puppet-centric political talk show No,You Shut Up! has been canceled by Fusion. This comes from host Paul F. Tompkins himself, who posted the news on Twitter and talked about it further in a longer post on his official site. Tompkins doesn’t offer any reasons for why the show was canceled, but he does take a moment to highlight specific members of the No,You Shut Up! crew and tease that his co-stars will continue to make occasional appearances on his Spontaneanation podcast.


For those who missed out on No,You Shut Up!, the show was based around Tompkins moderating discussions about current events with an array of puppet characters designed by The Jim Henson Company. As of right now, you can still see every episode on the No, You Shut Up! YouTube page.

[Note: Fusion, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]

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