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Paul F. Tompkins is ending his Speakeasy series


Truly, the best thing about Paul F. Tompkins is that he’s willing to work so hard entertaining us that it puts his life in danger. You need someone funny to be on your podcast? Paul F. Tompkins will be there. You’re putting on a live improv comedy show about historical figures? Paul F. Tompkins is probably there already. You need someone funny to be on a different podcast? Paul F. Tompkins is standing right behind you, and he’s dressed like the Cake Boss. Unfortunately, that willingness to work so hard that it might kill him has finally caught up with Tompkins, and he has decided to slightly cut back on the million things he does to entertain us.

In a post on his official Tumblr, Tompkins has announced that the most recent installment of his Speakeasy interview series will be its last. He offers an elaborate “burning the candle at both ends” explanation, but it all comes down to him wanting to be able to “devote more time, energy, and focus to fewer projects”—which most likely refers to his No, You Shut Up! comedy show, his new Spontaneanation podcast, and all of the other things he regularly does. So we might be hearing from Tompkins a little less often now, but it’s not like we don’t hear from him all the time as it is.


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