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Paul F. Tompkins did a Phantom Of The Opera commentary as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

‘Tis the season for scary movies, and while there’s no shortage of modern classics to stream, it’s never a bad idea to venture back into the origins of the humble horror flick. Of course, to watch something like 1925's silent film The Phantom Of the Opera without an organist nearby can be something of a tortuous experience, which is why Cat Suit Studios has provided us with a visualization of a “director’s commentary” by comedian Paul F. Tompkins, here playing his Comedy Bang! Bang! character Dame Sir Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The real Webber, of course, is the composer of the legendary Phantom Of the Opera musical, but Tompkins’ doppelgänger hasn’t seen the original, thus making his commentary a decidedly hilarious and slapdash affair. “How primitive films were!” he cries early into the screening.

The commentary was initially recorded at Nerdmelt as part of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast in 2015, but the above clip brings it to life with the film itself and an animated rendition of the proceedings courtesy of Cat Suit Studios and animator Dan Henrick (who, in the interest of full disclosure, has previously contributed to The A.V. Club).


Watch (or download) all two hours of the “commentary” above.

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