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Paul F. Tompkins and puppets to lampoon the 2016 election on Fusion

No, You Shut Up!

After a few nervous podcast appearances in which he wasn’t sure if his show would be coming back for another season, Paul F. Tompkins has announced that Fusion will be premiering the fourth season of his puppet-based news program No, You Shut Up! early next year. According to a press release that Fusion put out, the season will be 25 episodes long and it will be “focusing its attention on the 2016 election cycle”—as will most things next year, we imagine. Luckily, though, we don’t actually have to wait until 2016 to see what Tompkins and his puppet pals are up to, as Fusion will be airing two No, You Shut Up! specials on November 5 and November 12 that will “take stock of the current field of candidates” and offer “insight no other news program can deliver—because those other shows offer zero talking squirrels and hardly any sentient hot dogs.”

The full new season will premiere on February 4, 2016, which the press release depressingly notes is “just as voters start going to the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.” Look, we love puppets and comedy as much as the next website, but elections are really tiring. Don’t tell any of those oppressed countries run by a mad tyrant about this, but we’re pretty much ready for this one to be over.


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