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Paul Dano to play The Riddler in The Batman

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Forget about Jonah Hill, Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader is going to have another familiar famous guy to beat up in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. According to Variety, Paul Dano has been cast as The Riddler, foreshadowing what will hopefully be a very, very, very different take on the character from what Jim Carrey did in Batman Forever. Honestly, the green bodysuit is fine, we just never need to hear anyone say “joygasm” for any reason ever again.

We don’t know much about The Batman, but old rumblings from back when it was still a Ben Affleck movie suggested that it would be more of a back-to-basics Batman story, emphasizing more of the shadowy detective work and less of the… fighting with Superman stuff. If that is still the case, using Riddler as a villain would make a whole lot of sense, since he’s all about purposefully leaving clues to his crimes as a test to see if anyone could ever be his intellectual equal. (They can’t, but Batman generally comes close enough that he can make up the difference with some punches and Batarangs.)

The other thing we know is that it will have a number of recognizable actors playing recognizable Bat-adjacent characters, including Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, but previous rumors that The Penguin would be involved were probably inaccurate. Prominently featuring two iconic villains is generally not a good idea for Batman movies (but let’s not bring up Batman Forever again). Variety even says that Hill was in negotiations for this role, not The Penguin, further suggesting that those rumors were wrong.

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