Seven years after doing his best to impede one man’s psychotic quest for money and power in There Will Be Blood, Paul Dano has joined Codes Of Conduct as a character who actually helps another person in their quest for money and power. As we’ve previously reported, the show was created by Steve McQueen—the director, not the beloved Hollywood actor from The Vampire Diaries—and it stars Devon Terrell as Beverly Snow, a young black man who manages to break into New York’s high society through sheer force of self-confidence. Deadline adds that he’s “as talented as he is ambiguous,” which probably means that he has some kind of dark edge underneath all of that self-confidence. It’s hard for us to say, though, because he’s so ambiguous.

That Deadline post also says that Dano will be playing Jared Rotmensen—or “Rowdy Rotty” as we’re going to start calling him. Rowdy Rotty is apparently a “hip yet altruistic entrepreneur” who help welcome Snow into the upper crust. Dano is being billed as a co-star in Codes Of Conduct, which means he probably won’t get bashed to death by a bowling pin anytime soon. The series was co-created by World War Z co-writer Matthew Michael Carnahan, though, so maybe he’ll throw in some zombie movie-style violence for fun.