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Harkening back to a more innocent and profitable era of Kevin James being fat and falling down, before the 2012 recession in which a slightly less fat Kevin James didn’t fall down as much, a sequel is currently ramping up for Paul Blart: Mall Cop, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There has long been talk of another movie in which Kevin James is fat and falls down while also wearing a security guard uniform, beginning almost immediately following the 2009 surprise hit that so captured the audience’s imagination—particularly when it came to imagining all the different clothes a fat man could wear while falling down. And in the absence of a sequel, that imagination has been their cold comfort, as they pondered the many unanswered questions of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, like: Was Paul Blart still fat? Where was Paul Blart falling down right now? Was Paul Blart looking at the same moon as them, and was he wishing he were on it, because the diminished gravity there would make it way harder to fall down?

But now we need wonder no more, as it seems James and co-writer Nick Bakay have hit upon another scenario in which James’ mall security guard could be bad at things because he is fat, possibly also involving some obstacles that would prove a hindrance to his remaining upright. And as such, they have begun discussions with director Andy Fickman about realizing their vision (which is all shaky because a big fat guy hilariously just fell down). Fickman most recently directed Parental Guidance, in which Billy Crystal was bad at things because he was old. True, he didn't fall down nearly as much, but that's what workshops are for.


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