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Patty Jenkins doesn't want there to be another Justice League for a while

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Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to one of the good movies to come out of Warner Bros.’ DC cinematic universe, won’t hit theaters until next year, but director Patty Jenkins already has a plan for a hypothetical third movie in the series. The first movie took place during World War I and the second takes place in—get this—1984, but Jenkins says a third movie would be a “contemporary story” because there’s nowhere else to go in the past. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Jenkins won’t give any other information on what she has in mind since it isn’t “totally nailed down,” but she definitely doesn’t have any intention of doing a ‘90s or early-2000s Wonder Woman movie next.


However, her willingness to tease a plan like that does point to a new looseness that Warner Bros. seems to be bringing to its DC movie canon, as previously suggested by Aquaman’s unclear position in the established Justice League timeline. Seeing as how there probably won’t be another Justice League movie for a while, that frees up Jenkins to tell a modern Wonder Woman story that won’t necessarily have to go out of its way to either tie in with or stay out of the way of a team-up film.

Also, speaking of Justice League, Jenkins says she has no interest in directing a Justice League movie, to the point where she hopes Warner Bros. doesn’t try doing another one “for a little while.” She says she’d much rather see Aquaman 2 and whatever happens with Flash. “Never say never,” she adds, “but I think everyone should have their moment to shine.”

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