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Funko’s Pop series of divisive vinyl figurines is flying through all of pop culture, to the point where Scuba Steve from Big Daddy, each individual member of Duran Duran, and some awful thing called Baby Yoda are all getting transformed into big-headed little dolls in the near-future, but now the Funko people has declared that prominent female filmmakers deserve to become Funko Pops just as much as that kid’s toy from that Adam Sandler movie does. According to Entertainment Weekly, Funko is making figures based on Ava DuVernay and Patty Jenkins, the first female directors to join the proud ranks of other Pops like Pickle Rick, the Doof Warrior, and Albert Einstein. (There are already Funko Pops of male directors, specifically J.J. Abrams, Guillermo del Toro, and Vince Gilligan.)

You can see photos of the Funkos below, and they both look surprisingly recognizable (which isn’t necessarily the case for Funko Pops, especially ones based on real people who don’t wear superhero costumes or cool helmets.


DuVernay, who made Netflix’s When They See Us, was previously made into a Barbie doll a few years ago, but this new Funko will introduce shoppers at GameStop and Barnes & Noble to the thrill of Ava DuVernay toys (we don’t know when or where these will be sold, those are just places that seem to sell a lot of Funko Pops). Jenkins, meanwhile, became the highest-paid female director of all time when Warner Bros. foolishly failed to preemptively sign her on for more than one movie when she made Wonder Woman (meaning she was able to argue for so much more money when it came time to make a sequel). Now she’s going to be a Funko Pop, which is probably equally good.

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