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Patton Oswalt will be on Parks And Recreation

Continuing a welcome trend of adding Patton Oswalt to other things we like—a trend that will hopefully stop before Patton Oswalt is suddenly giving us back rubs—Patton Oswalt will guest star in an upcoming episode of Parks And Recreation, as confirmed today in a conference call with showrunner Mike Schur. TV Line adds that Oswalt is set to play a devoutly old-fashioned guy who balks at Leslie’s attempts to make changes to Pawnee’s archaic town charter, believing that life was simply better back in 1817—a synopsis that finally clears up these pictures leaked last week, which until now could only be explained as “Days before her wedding, Leslie elopes to live on Patton Oswalt’s pilgrim farm, powerless before the promise of unlimited carrots.” Instead, something else will happen involving carrots.


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