(Photo: Getty Images, Rebecca Sapp)

Last week, we reported that Joel McHale and Sarah Hyland had joined the cast of Dimension 404, Hulu’s upcoming episodic sci-fi anthology series, with Hyland playing a high school student in one episode who suddenly realizes that “boys are into her” and decides to see a movie “in a fresh, never-before-seen cinematic format” with her uncle. That’s a weird setup, but The Hollywood Reporter has filled in some details about it, namely that Patton Oswalt has just been cast as the uncle.

Apparently, Oswalt will be playing “a lovable movie nerd who worships at the altar of cinematic history” (if you can imaging him playing a role like that), and this new cinematic format will give viewers “a strange, perilous movie-going experience.” We still have no idea how that connects to the high school boys who are “into” Hyland’s character, but at least it seems like Oswalt will be on her side as they suffer though this perilous movie-going experience.


THR also says that Awkward’s Ashley Rickards and Lost’s Sterling Beaumon will be appearing in other episodes of Dimension 404, with Rickards’ story involving her getting trapped in a cartoon with a time-traveling hero and Beaumon’s revolving around the Polybius urban legend. Other episodes will reportedly include energy drinks causing the apocalypse and the NSA using a “gigantic, all-knowing cube of sentient meat named Bob” as its chief analyst.