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Photo: Lacey Terrell

Hey there, friend! Yes, you! How’d you like to take a break from the crushing grind of the news cycle and spend the next three and a half minutes basking in the mellow musical vibes and charming vintage circus aesthetics of a new music video from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Coby Brown? Well then, step right up!


Okay, imagine we said all that in an old-timey carnival barker voice. Then tune in for the video for “Cannonball” premiering exclusively below, starring The A.V. Club favorite Patton Oswalt as a human cannonball dreaming of infinite blue skies and featuring Brown as the mysterious man with the rose in his lapel who helps Oswalt blast off. Directed by Matt Leutwyler, the video features a hazy, dreamlike aesthetic that perfectly matches the sublime, floating feeling of the music:

Coby Brown’s music has been featured on TV series like Shameless and One Tree Hill; aside from his career as a singer-songwriter, he also works as a composer on films like 2015's The Man Who Knew Infinity. You can hear more of his music on his website.

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