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Patton Oswalt has a suggestion for how to channel your post-election rage

Patton Oswalt appeared on The Late Show last night to shill for a product to help deal with that election-related rage you are currently feeling. It’s “Choke It Down,” a sock you can stuff in your mouth to stifle your “screams of anguish.” Just stick it in and suppress your anger.

Or, you know, don’t. As the bit went on even Oswalt couldn’t participate. He soon started his own curse-laden rant. “We’re the [expletive] beacon for rationality and intelligence,” he shouted. “[Expletive] this. All of it.” Naturally, because this is CBS, the foul language is censored, but you get his drift. Because there’s a time and a place to shut yourself up, and now is not that time.


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