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Patton Oswalt discovers a new personal demon in the trailer for his latest Netflix special

We’re a week and some change out from the release of I Love Everything, the seventh comedy special from stand-up veteran Patton Oswalt. Like Oswalt’s last two specials—the Emmy-winning Talking For Clapping and 2017's Annihilation—the special is set to be released by Netflix, this time on May 19. And while you might be worrying, based on the title, that Oswalt has lost his edge, or given in to a general sense of the warm fuzzies, rest assured that general happiness hasn’t stopped him from finding a new personal demon to shout about: Kirby.

Who is Kirby? No one knows. (Although we like to imagine the possibilities.) But in the trailer for the special, Oswalt introduces us to him nevertheless, in the form of a non-existent assistant to the “sketchy Michelangelo” putting up wallpaper in his new house. In classic Oswalt fashion, he then takes one stranger’s mental oddities and spins them out into a wider mythology, one in which Kirby is apparently responsible for all our earthly ills.

I Love Everything is out on Netflix on Tuesday, May 19—provided Kirby doesn’t intervene.

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