The General Zod that didn't get his neck broke

Chris Hardwick’s comedy empire continues to expand as Nerdist is posting animated versions of sketches from Superego’s podcast (starting with the poorly timed HR Giger sketch). Most recently, Mahlberg Studios brought the “General Zod” improvised skit to cartoon life, starring Chris Tallman as the Kryptonian military man with a penchant for making others kneel and Patton Oswalt as his legal defense, Leeg-El (or “Curtis,” to some). While Leeg-El tries to ascertain the role the Weaponers Of Qward played in Zod’s attempted coup, the detained General prefers to spend his time pondering his fashion choices or daydreaming about killing Superman’s father. There’s some NSFW language, not least of which is the repeated use of the phrase “Weaponers Of Qward.”