Everyone remembers the hilarious voicemail that Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse received from an angry patron after she was booted from the theater for violating its “no texting” policy, the voicemail the theater then used for a PSA to screen before movies. As the memory of that PSA fades and film goers in the Magnited States of America need reminding of proper movie-watching etiquette, the Alamo enlisted Patton Oswalt and Jason Reitman for their new PSA, filmed during a screening of the pair’s new film Young Adult. After a bit of tomfoolery between Reitman and Oswalt, there is the glory of Oswalt's dramatic reading of the original voicemail's transcript. This voicemail could be mocked every few months until the end of all time and space and it still wouldn't receive the ridicule it deserves. [via EW Popwatch]