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Patton Oswalt’s been part of My Little Pony universe since 2016, when his majestic Quibble Pants debuted on Discovery Family’s long-running kids show. He’ll return this Saturday with a special guest in tow—Alice, his 10-year old daughter will also voice a character, as will his current wife Meredith Salenger.

Per USA Today, the episode finds Quibble Pants trying to impress Wind Sprint, the daughter of his new “special pony,” Clear Sky. “The episode reaches an emotional conclusion when Wind learns to accept Quibble, after Clear reminds Wind that he’s not trying to replace her now-absent dad, but just wants her to like him,” reads a description.


This plotline was especially resonant for Oswalt, as it mirrors circumstances in his family’s life following the 2016 death of his first wife (and Alice’s mom) MichelleMcNamara. “There were certainly aspects of that [experience] that came up in the making of the episode that we could hark back to, like, ‘Oh, remember that,’ “ he told USA Today. “It was really interesting to see.”

Catch the episode this Saturday on Discovery Family at 11:30 A.M. ET.

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