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Patton Oswalt acts out the lyrics for The Coup’s “The Magic Clap”

Perennial Internet MVP Patton Oswalt describes “The Magic Clap” by politically inclined hip-hop masters The Coup as “my favorite song by my favorite band.” So even though the song already got a music video last fall before the band released their 2012 album Sorry To Bother You, Boots Riley and company had no problem letting Oswalt cut loose and act out every lyric from the song, even if he tells Riley “I got this, Kanye,” at the beginning. The quick cuts make it a bit difficult to follow everything, but you’ll catch a security blanket, a Harry Potter scar, some Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and an overthrown football as Oswalt has a bunch of fun messing around with a boatload of props and shimmying to the chorus.

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