Amid a cast that includes Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd as two generations of Ant-Man, plus a tentative spot for Evangeline Lilly, in the crucial role of Wo-Man, former Watch-Man Patrick Wilson is now also said to be up for a part in Edgar Wright’s film. The nature of that part—like that of Michael Pena, who’s similarly said to be in talks for an as-yet-undefined “major role”—remains a mystery, except for the fact that The Wrap says “Marvel has been searching for another charismatic leading man, a description that fits Wilson” as well as so many lonelyheart studios, whose nights would perhaps not be spent sighing were they to lower their standards a little.  Still, given the way casting on this film has gone so far, until Wright opens his box, one must assume every man cast in this film is potentially both man and Ant-Man. This is the postulation known as Schrödinger’s Ant-Man.