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Patrick Wilson to play Aquaman’s jerky half-brother

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Taylor Hill)

If there’s one thing you can say about Patrick Wilson, it’s that he looks so much like Jason Momoa that the two could’ve been separated at birth. If you were to put the two of them in a room together, they’d probably end up doing that bit from old cartoons where a character thinks they’re looking in a mirror and keep moving their hand or spinning around to try and trick the mirror person into screwing up, but they’d never screw up because they’re just so similar. So, with that established, we can safely say that it therefore makes perfect sense for Wilson to play the villainous half-brother of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in James Wan’s Aquaman movie.

Alright, so it actually makes very little sense, since Momoa is tough and hairy while Wilson is kind of like the human version of vanilla ice cream (sweet and plain), but still, Deadline is reporting that Wilson will be playing Orm Marius—a.k.a. Ocean Master—in Aquaman. As that story points out, the relationship between Orm and Aquaman is a lot like the relationship between Marvel’s Thor and Loki, in that they’re half-brothers, one is destined to rule the magical realm while the other is jealous, and also that one of them is evil. Plus, both Loki and Orm have a penchant for stylish headgear, which would actually do a good job of covering up the fact that Wilson looks absolutely nothing like Momoa. If he’s wearing a big mask for the whole movie, maybe nobody will even notice?


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