Ever since original director Edgar Wright walked away from Marvel’s Ant-Man movie, the comic book publisher/movie studio has done everything it can to assure everyone that the project is still on track. After all, you don’t replace a stylistic guy like Edgar Wright with a comedy director like Peyton Reed unless you’re already pretty confident in the movie you’re working on, right?

Well, as “still on track” as things may be, all is still not right with Ant-Man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson, Matt Gerard, and Kevin Weisman have all left the movie. Wilson’s departure is reportedly due to “scheduling conflicts,” but there’s no word on what happened to the other guys. To be fair, scheduling conflicts happen all the time, but a conspiracy theorist would probably point out that it’s also a perfect excuse to politely make sure that neither party looks like a bad guy. Gerard and Weisman’s characters were presumably removed during whatever rewrites Marvel is doing to the Ant-Man script, so that also doesn’t necessarily mean any other bad things are happening behind the scenes.


Even if there are, Marvel still wants to convince everyone they’re not, so to facilitate that it gave Entertainment Weekly an Ant-Man teaser poster to try and rebuild some hype with. The poster shows a cartoon Ant-Man riding a bug with cartoon versions of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas looking to the right, as if to say “we are looking forward to Ant-Man, and so should you.”