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Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing jacket is going up for auction

Dirty Dancing

It’s been eight years since Patrick Swayze’s death at the age of 57, but fans looking to keep a little piece of Swayze alive in their hearts (and wardrobes) are in luck. Celebrity-focused auction house Julien’s has announced that its first major sale of 2017 will be artifacts from Swayze’s estate.

Julien’s hasn’t posted a list of everything for sale online—and catalogs of the entire collection run $100 a pop—but they did list a few juicy Swayze artifacts that are up on the block. The leather jacket from Dirty Dancing—a.k.a. the perfect outfit for determinedly not putting people in a corner—tops the list, at an estimated $4,000-$6,000 price tag. There’s also his shirt and shoes from the movie Ghost, even though we don’t remember “wearing a shirt” as a thing Swayze did a lot of in that film. Point Break fans are in for a treasure trove, too, including surfboards, wet suits, and skydiving gear. But the biggest find might be Swayze’s old Saturday Night Live scripts, because who doesn’t want to spent an estimated $600-$800 to say they own the original draft of Swayze and Chris Farley’s classic Chippendales sketch?


Julien’s will put the collection on display in Los Angeles on April 24, ahead of the auction on April 28.

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