With his former bandmates either exploring the dance floor or going metal, ex-Fall Out Boy singer-guitarist Patrick Stump has finally released a song from his long-gestating, as yet untitled solo debut. Well, technically it's two versions of the same song, "Spotlight." According to his website, Stump can't settle on which version should make the album, so he is soliciting votes from fans. Both will be released on a 7-inch out Dec. 17.

If the merch area on Stump's site is an indication, he classifies this new sound as "soul punk," though this song sounds mostly like dance-minded electro-pop. Judge for yourself:

"Spotlight (New Regrets)"

"Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"

The first has already inspired at least one melodramatic reaction from a fan:

Pat… please don't go mainstream. Don't get me wrong, you're my favorite singer in the entire world. I truly mean that. I just feel that the new fans you gain through the mainstream won't be the die hard fans like us, the FOB fans, and I don't know how I feel about that. I immediately connected to this song, as with every song you sing. The fans you gain may connect with this song, but not with you.


So people, please make sure you connect with this song properly.